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JNT Group continues to grow in the global market by maximizing the spirit of challenge and synergy between affiliates.

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Tempered Glass
We are leading the market for tempered glass and camera window glass used for mobile phones, and are expanding our business to ultra-thin glass, wearable and automotive display parts.
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We are actively responding to market needs by supplying high-functional connectors to global companies in line with the latest mobile trend changes such as 5G, waterproof, and high speed (Type-C).
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Fuel cell
Since 2006, we have maintained world-class competitiveness in fuel cell material parts through continuous research and development.
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Industrial Automation Equipment
Based on the long experience in the industrial automation field for more than 30 years, we are developing and producing efficient and high-productivity automation equipment.
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Mobile Window Glass
We are creating a new market by developing mobile window glasses using Camera Window, Glasstic Window, and Decoration Film.
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